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Please don't piggy-back your questions on other students' posts or replies. That's how things get lost.

You posted this:
I am having a problem with my assignment, I am currently attending Froster for Medical billing and Coding. The subject is about writing a paragraphs for a potential employer and showing purpose to show enthusasm for the position that I have chosen. Can't seem to start or finish my paragraph. English is not a good subject for me.

Once you post what you have written -- and make absolutely sure it's not a first or second draft! -- someone here will read it over and give you pointers.

PS -- You'd do yourself a favor if you stop telling yourself that you're not good at English. It's a self-fulfilling prophecy!

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  1. What you are being asked to do is explain why you want this job, and why you would be good at it, an asset to your employer. That you need the job for the money is not a good reason to hire you. You must explain why you would be a good person for the employer to hire.

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