Introduction to Terrorism

How does Personnel security operate today in a country with open borders?

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  1. What are the three different facets of security, and which of the three do you feel impacts your own sense of security the most?

    Thoroughly explain how these facets operate today in a country with open borders.

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  2. Security personnel watch the people who are in the country's borders.

    What does your text report about the three facets of security?

    How do you feel about your own sense of security?

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Personnel security focuses on the training of personnel to take responsibility on their own for security by teaching them to know how to recognize and respond to a potential terrorist threat. For many years, this type of security was directed toward those whom the organization regarded as being at a greater risk of attack than most of the rank-and-file personnel.

    Operational security has as its objective the denial of opportunity for terrorists to collect such information on either the facility or its activities as might enable it to predict those activities. To be able to predict those activities would help the terrorist to successfully penetrate the facility or activity and disrupt or destroy it. By denying that information to terrorists, the risk to terrorists carrying out an attack against the activity or facility significantly increases.

    Physical security has, as its objective the hardening of the target against which an attack may be made. Although no blueprint for successful physical security measures against terrorist attack has been adopted, there are certain considerations and countermeasures that have begun to achieve acceptance in both the government and the business community.

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