What are the different kinds of the cultures that exist your community?

i need some examples.

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  1. My community is multicultural with people of many different backgrounds. Our college and university, of course, draw a large variety of people. Of course we have the poor, the low-income working, professors, business professionals, as well as old money.

    What about your community?

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    Ms. Sue
  2. In San Francisco, 163 different languages are spoken. We have restaurants with food from all over the world: Burmese, Indian, Pakistani, Vietnamese, Chinese, Thai, Italian, French, and many, many others. We also have McDonalds and more respectable burger places. And, of course, all the various classes as Ms. Sue describes. Old money, new money, techies, cops and fire fighters, teachers, professors, bankers...old people and young people, singles and families...in my neighborhood alone we have two kinds of Lutheran churches, a Greek Orthodox, an Episcopal cathedral, a Catholic cathedral, a spiritualist meeting house, a Unitarian-Universalist church, a Metropolitan Community Church (), a Church of God, a Presbyterian church, and some others. There are synagogues and mosques nearby. Our universities draw people from all over the world, too. We even have a university that caters to Korean immigrants in Oakland, across the Bay. Does that, and what Ms. Sue said, give you any ideas of what to look for in your community?

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  3. And we left out the arts. Here we have one of the world's finest symphonies and the second-largest opera company in the nation with all the musicians. The rock music field is alive here. We have authors (Amy Tan, Dave Eggers and many others), dancers, painters, muralists, sculptors, composers, etc. Lucas Films (STAR WARS) is here. The arts community makes up a sub-culture all its own.

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