Social Studies

Which of the fallowing is not true about Aborigine culture?

a. It is the oldest surviving culture on Earth***
b. Tradition Aborigine societies found agricultural settlements
c. Aborigine do not believe that land belongs to humans
d. Aborigine groups are spread across the continent of Australia

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  1. That seems to be debatable. Go with your text materials.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. The answer is b

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  3. Which of the following is not true about Aborigine culture? (1 point)
    It is the oldest surviving culture on Earth. B. Traditional Aborigine societies ****
    formed agricultural settlements.
    Aborigines do not believe that land belongs to humans.
    Aborigine groups are spread across the continent of Australia.
    2. Aborigines believe that Dream Time is the (1 point)
    beginning of land conflicts with the Europeans.
    ****the age of creation.
    the end of all human existence.
    the beginning of the afterlife.
    3. According to Aborigine spiritual beliefs, the Earth is (1 point)
    a place of unending suffering and pain.
    a source of wealth to conquer in the name of one's ancestors.
    ****an ancient gift of the gods.
    a place where humans were banished from the gods.
    4. All of the following statements are true about Aborigine ceremonies except (1 point)
    ceremonies protect Aborigine secrets.
    ceremonies are segregated according to gender.
    ceremonies pay homage to Aborigine heritage.
    ****ceremonies do not have religious or spiritual meanings.
    5. The native inhabitants of New Zealand are the (1 point)
    British Isles settlers
    6. Church architecture in Australia shows influence of (1 point)
    Aborigine culture.
    East Asian culture.
    *****central European culture.
    Polynesian culture.
    7. Historians believe that the Aborigines probably migrated to Australia from (1 point)
    New Zealand.
    Eastern Africa.
    *****New Guinea.
    8. Polynesian culture shares which of the following characteristics with Aborigine culture: (1 point)
    both created elaborate wood carvings to represent gods and kings.
    both formed agricultural settlements.
    both based their economies on navigating the seas and fishing.
    *****both cultures share a common ancestry.
    9. New Zealand and Tasmania were named by a (1 point)
    German explorer.
    British explorer.
    ****Dutch explorer.
    French explorer.
    10. In the late 18th to mid–19th centuries, Europeans sought economic gain from the Pacific from the trade of (1 point)
    *****whales and seals.

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