punjab technical university

A student recorded her scores on weekly math quizzes that were marked out of a possible 10 points .her scores were as follows

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  1. You sure you're ready for the university? You cannot seem to

    (a) properly name your subject
    (b) completely post the problem

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  2. Hello Sarita,

    I'm assuming this is a copy/paste issue the reason why your post is incomplete. This sounds like a mode, mean or median problem. To help you out,

    Mode is the number that appears most often in a given set. If there are no repeats there is no mode.

    If you need to calculate the median,
    Median is the range: organize the dataset in ascending order then find the "middle number or middle pair" depending on the number of values in the given set. For example,

    36, 38, 40, 41, 45, 48, 50, 52 has 8 different values in the set.

    Since 8 is an even number we must find the median based on the middle pair of numbers. The median is 41 + 45 = 86/2 = 43.

    Mean is the average: (add the values then divide the total by the number of values in the set.

    Example: 2+4+6+7+8 = 27 --> 27/5 = 5.4

    Hope this helps :)


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