Social Studies

Please review the question and check my answer below. Thank you tutors.

Q: What was the effect of the McKinley on the value of Hawaiian-grown sugar?
My answer: Funded the "most favored" status of Hawaiian-grown sugar and rewarding American producers with a 2 cent per pound bounty on their crops. The value of Hawaiian exports to the US mainland quickly plummeted, dropping from $13 million to $8 million within 2 years.

I got my answer from a reading I was given from my Social Studies teacher, and I don't want to cite it.

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  1. Make sure you know the difference between plagiarizing and correct references and citations.

    Part of what you wrote above is plagiarized from this website:

    Study this page VERY CAREFULLY and follow directions so you quote/paraphrase and then cite correctly.

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  2. YOU ACTUALLY FOUND THE SOURCE !!! Well, sorry I couldn't explain myself for not citing the answer's source, but I will now. Since this is an exam question, and I wasn't given any answers from my teacher and that I have to find them myself, I am checking my answers for verification or clarification.

    In other words, I don't think I have to cite my answers for the exams.

    But if you want, this was cited in the reading I was given from my teacher, she cited it: Gaddis, Nate. "ANALYSIS: The Sugar Industry's Bitter Reality." 24 Jul 2012. Maui Now.c o m. 29 Oct 2013

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  3. It doesn't matter to me. I'm not going to give you the grade. What you NEED to do is learn how to read information, take notes IN YOUR OWN WORDS, and then write your answers so you don't plagiarize!

    Google is a wonderful thing! And many schools and districts across this country use so teachers can find even more than they could through Google.


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