In which sentence is the nonessential clause CAPITALIZED?

a. The man LEANING AGAINST THE WALL is from the zoo.
b. The snake THAT HE IS HOLDING is not poisonous.
c. Its coloring, WHICH IS BROWN AND GREEN, allows it to hide in marshy areas.
d. That snake SLITHERING BEHIND THE ROCK is actually harmless.

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  1. Your answer?

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  2. I am not sure

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  3. Which one is not essential to understanding the point of the sentence?

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  4. is it b or d? I am really confused

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  5. It seems to me that b, "The snake..." by itself would be rather indistinct. Which snake? The one he's holding. Identifying which snake seems essential.
    In d., "That snake..." is specific. The description of where it is is not really essential.

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  6. Which two of the four are CLAUSES? Ignore those that don't have capitalized clauses. Then re-think.

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