5.)Which of the following is the best explanation of the XYZ affair that took place during John Adam's presidency?

A.)Adams tried to purchase three naval ships (X,Y, & Z) from France demanded much more money than the ships were worth & adams rejected the offer.

B.)Adams arrested three French pirates (X,Y, & Z) who had seized American ships & millions of dollar in cargo, & then made a deal with French for their release in exchange for a peace treaty

C.)Adams promoted the idea of creating a committee of three diplomats (X,Y, & Z)

D.)Governments is necessary because people do not always practice civic virtue. Adams tried to promote peace with France, but three french officials (X,Y, & Z)demanded a two hundred & fifty thousand dollar bribe before they would even speak with Americans.

Is It A?

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  1. NO, it is not A. This is not our Ms. Sue here saying it is correct. Read your text materials.

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  2. Oh yeah big boy

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