Hi, so I was wondering if y'all could help me? That would be really awesome. Thanks!

1. x/-10 > 6

A. x > 60
B. x > -60
C. x < -60
D. x < -4

Is it C?

2. 5z (underlined >) -75

A. z (underlined <) -15
B. z (underlined <) 15
C. z (underlined >) -15
D. z (underlined >) -375

Is it C?

3. 2y - 2 <14

A. y > 6
B. y > 8
C. y < 8
D. y < 6

I'm not sure about this one.

4. 25 > 1 - 3d

A. d < -8
B. d > 8
C. d < 8
D. d > -8

I'm not sure about this one.

5. Can you explain all the steps by getting this?

3a - 4 (underlined <) 5

6. Can you explain all the steps by getting this?

n/-3 + 5 > 4

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  1. #1, #2, correct

    2y - 2 < 14
    2y < 16
    y < 8

    25 > 1 - 3d
    3d > -24
    d > -8


    3a - 4 ≀ 5
    3a ≀ 9
    a ≀ 3 , that was the easiest one

    n/-3 + 5 > 4
    n/-3 > -1
    times -3, so we have to reverse the inequality sign
    n < 3

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  2. Thanks Reiny! You were a great help! :)

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