13. Which of the following is a reason why Turkey has lagged behind European nations on the economic front? (1 point)

There are no natural resources in Turkey.

There were few trade barriers set up in Turkey.

Agriculture is a large sector of the Turkish economy.

Turkey does not own any factories.

14. Did the PKK mostly help or hurt Kurds in Turkey? (1 point)

helped, because the Kurds gained independence

helped, because it led to conflict with the Turkish government

hurt, because Kurds and Turks died in fighting over independence

hurt, because the Turkish government forced Kurds out of government

15. Which fact would best support the argument for Kurdish independence? (1 point)

Kurdish schools and broadcasts are now permitted in Turkey.

The British included Kurds in Iraq when they formed that nation.

Most Kurds practice Sunni Islam rather than Shia Islam.

Kurds have been violently repressed by outside governments in the past.

16. Which question would best guide student research into the effects of oil in Southwest Asia? (1 point)

How does oil shape social, political, and economic conditions in Southwest Asia?

Which nation in Southwest Asia has the largest oil reserves?

Why do some nations in Southwest Asia have more oil than other nations?

Who discovered that Southwest Asia had valuable oil resources?

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