Curriculum Areas

1. Using macaroni in child’s art project
A. Is a creative use. B. Should be done only with supervision. C. Should be discouraged because. D. Isn’t a good idea; young children might try to eat it.
2. The use of rhythm instruments in a music program
A. Is most effective with fourth and fifth graders. B. Help children learn to listen for a pattern of sounds in music. C. Can help children develop hand preference. D. Help children learn to count.
3. In term of creative music activities, the key to variety in lesson planning is
A. A good early music planning book. B. Allowing enough time for music activities. C. Cross-curricular planning. D. Setting aside large blocks of time for activities.
4. The leading cause of the death among children under 14 is
A. Illness. B. Injury. C. Accidents. D. Drug overdose
5. Before a child is three years old, he or she often
A. Is unable to do rote counting. B. Has little interest in counting. C. Can count rationally. D. Can count to ten in proper order.
6. When using music for creative movement activities, the teacher should
A. prepare children by telling them what they should listen for. B. Emphasize that children shouldn’t copy one another’s movement. C. Begin with music that’s fluid and complex with a well-disguised beat.
D. Tell the children they may do whatever the “tell” them to do.
7. two of the five content standard included in the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics National Standards for GradesPre-K-12are
A. Measurement and data analysis B. Functions and operations C. Pattern and measurement D. Problem-solving and geometry
8. A child counting from one to ten without knowing what the numbers mean is said to be using _____ counting
A. Rote B. Rational C. One-to-one D. Cardinal
9. Safely concerns for children aged _____ are based on such things as their fascination with fire, their high level of activity, and their impatience with restraint.
A. Two to three years. B. Four to six years C. Seven to ten years. D. Twelve years and older.
10. One of the most basic music experiences that children in the middle and upper elementary grades need is
A. A lot of opportunities to sing songs. B. Broad experience with a variety of forms and styles of music. C. Opportunities to play simple instruments. D. A lot of experience with hand-clapping during songs.
11. An example of an effective creative moment activity for transition time would be
A. Having the children pretend they’re a rocket ship and soar around the room. B. Pretending you’re a mother duck (quack and waddle). Ask the children to pretend they’re the duckling and have them follow you to the next room or activity. C. Jumping jacks. D. Asking the children to pretend they’re a ball.
12. Some early childhood educators neglect to plan for the development of preschool children’s motor skill because
A. Preschoolers’ skill are too crude for planning development.
B. Very few activities match these children’s skill levels. C. They assume these children’s skill will develop on their own. D. Knowledge acquisition must precede skill development.
13. An early childhood educator wishing to emphasize the contribution of rhythm instruments to a piece of music should probably choose which one the following instrument?
A. Drum. B. Flute. C. Piano. D. Kazoo.
14. Some students’ attitudes toward mathematics undergo a significant change at a certain point in their development: interest declines, and they no longer consider themselves good at math. When does this usually occur?
A. When they enter kindergarten. B. Between kindergarten and third grades. C. Between second and fourth grades. D. Between fourth and eighth grades.
15. The most common cause of traffic accidents involving young children is
A. careless driving. B. drunken driving. C. Children darting out in front of cars. D. Vehicle malfunction
16. True counting is not possible until a child understands
A. Rote counting. B. One-to-one correspondence. C. Repetition. D. Object sequencing
17. Which of the following is the best approach to teach young children about shape and forms?
A. Limit instruction to the basic shapes. B. exclude the common geometric shapes. C. Teach familiar shapes along with unfamiliar shapes. D. Review familiar shapes when introducing unfamiliar shapes
18. Which of the following is not an appropriate reason to choose a picture book to teach math concepts to young children?
A. Inclusion of the numbers 1 through 10. B. Enjoyment. C. Natural math connections. D. Characterizations
19. Strong allegiance to one’s group and consciousness of the importance of rule are most characteristic of which group?
A. Toddlers and preschoolers. B. Kindergartners. C. First and second graders. D. Fifth graders
20. Which one of the following methods is preferred for teaching song from recording to young children?
A. The phrase-wise method. B. The whole-song method. C. The combination method. D. The strong-melody method.

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asked by Anonymous
  1. No one here will take your test for you.

    Someone might be willing to check your answers, though, if you post what YOU THINK. No guessing, though. That's just too obvious!

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    posted by Writeacher
  2. Come on. We won't do it for you it's easy

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    posted by Sammie
  3. it yourself, if you don't want to, just write a for all of them

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    posted by Katy
  4. Macaroni Is creative

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