Help correct my work?
Which of the following sentences from The Forbidden Fruit does not contain an example of hyperbole?
"The ban provoked hot dreams and icy abstinence."
"The smell of fried pork made me faint."
"I would loiter for hours in front of the food store showcases and contemplate sausages beaded with far and dappled with pork."
"I imagined myself skinning these sausages and letting my teeth sink into the juicy, luxuriant meat." ***my answer

Which of the following is not a theme of Forbidden Fruit?

Family is about forgiveness
Jealousy breeds hate
Restricting oneself from simple pleasures can lead to envy
Public belief and personal action are often very different***my answer

What type of sentence structure is exemplified by the sentence below?

Blowing in the breeze, the flowers made me feel calm.

complex***my answer

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  1. I don't know about the second question, but the first and third answers are wrong.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. is it "the smell of fried pork made me faint."

    And compound sentence?

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  3. 1.c2.a3.b4.b
    this is for connexus

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  4. Number one is d not c

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  5. 1. D
    2. A
    3. B
    4. B

    Correct answers.

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  6. Somemthing is correct, just took the quick check!!

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  7. Something isnt bull@#$%^&.

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  8. Something is correct.

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  9. Noo. The Answers to this are
    D setting
    A an even greater destruction in following scenes
    C Compound
    D Compound-Complex

    personification personified got me a 50% with the last to standing incorrect.

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  10. D
    Trust me if you want. :/ Your choice.

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  11. loll, the correct answer is "dab" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

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