year 8 re

i need to find 3 pieces of evidence of what jesus did and 3 things what jesus didn`t do.
for the 3 things jesus did i have found feeding the 5000 , walking on water and healing the sick but i am having trouble finding evidence for what jesus did not do. does it mean not getting married and not having children. please help im stuck. thankyou

asked by zoe
  1. I am puzzled by the question. You are looking for evidence for negative? There are hundreds of things that he could not have done because they are either modern or not known at the time, for example:

    Ride a bicycle
    Climb Everest
    Visit Antartica

    posted by Dr Russ
  2. He didn't marry and he didn't have children -- right. Those are two things.

    He also didn't drive the Romans out of the Jewish homeland, as many expected the Messiah to do. They didn't understand that He was there to save their souls, not their material world.

    posted by Writeacher
  3. SaTAn

    posted by TYRONE DAQUANSON

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