Indira and Jean begin their hike at 10 a.m. one morning. They plan to hike from the 2 2/5-mile marker to the 8 1/10-mile marker along the trail. They plan to hike at an average speed of 3 miles per hour. Will they reach 8 1/10-mile marker by noon? Explain your reasoning.

I had tried to add 8 1/10 and 2 2/5 then divide the sum by 3. 10 am? How do i do this please help asap. Due tomorrow!

-BoloHead Student

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  1. Let's convert these fractions to decimals.

    They start at the 2.4 marker and end at the 8.1 marker

    8.1 - 2.4 = 5.7 miles

    5.7 / 3 = 1.9 hours

    10 + 1.9 = 11.9 which is before noon.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Yo, do you go to Pines? I had the same homework :0

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  3. I dunno sorry

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  4. Hard

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  5. 11.9 and that means that they will be there by noon or before noon

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  6. I don't go to Pines but my math book had this problem in it. 😐

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