11 Grade College Prep Math-Based Physics

Not good at physics, so could someone check these practice test questions please? Explanations are appreciated.

1. Which of Newton's Laws says you cannot touch anything without being touched?
a) 4th
b) 2nd
c) 1st
d) 3rd ***

2. A 3.00 kg ball is dropped from rest from the roof of a building 176.4 m high. While the ball is falling, a horizontal wind exerts a constant force of 12.0 N on the ball. How long until the ball hits the ground?
a) 7.00 s ***
b) 6.00 s
c) 5.00 s

3. The numbers of significant figures in 6.30 g and 8.030 * 10^3 m are:
a) 2 and 2
b) 3 and 4
c) 2 and 3 ***
d) 4 and 5

4. A golfer takes two putts to sink a ball in the hole. The first putt displaces the ball 6.00 m east, and the second putt displaces the ball 5.4 m south. What displacement would put the ball in the hole in one putt?
a) 8.07 m at 48 degrees Southeast
b) 11.4 m Southeast
c) 3.32 m at 42 degrees Southeast ***
d) 8.07 m at 42 degrees Southeast

asked by Ana

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