Study Skills Practice

What does it mean to survey a text?
A. Read the text and take detailed notes
B. Look for the main ideas
C. Find the answers in your questions (picked this one)
D. Answer questions out loud.

Why should you consider your teacher a partner?
A. Because you are not responsible for your learning, your teacher is.
B. because you and your teacher both practice SQ3R
C. Because you and your teacher are responsible for your grade
D. Because both you and your teacher have the same goals- to increase your knowledge and skills.

Which of the following does not require extra attention while reading an information text?

A. words that begin with the same letter (picked this one)
B. words in bold
C. maps
D. diagrams

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  1. OOPS. NO. Your answer to #1 is wrong.

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  2. As Reed stated, 1 is wrong.

    2 is ???, and 3 is correct.

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  3. 1. B
    3. A
    100% correct

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