a map's scale is given thus 1 cm to 200 km.How far apart will two places be on the map,if the ground distance in between them is 1200 km?

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  1. 1/200 = x/1200

    200x = 1200

    x = 6 cm

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    Ms. Sue
  2. If the ground distance b/w two town is 30km and the scale of the map is 1cm to 2km can statement or 1:200,000 in rf calculate the map distance

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  3. Best

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  4. If the ground distance b/w two town is 30km and the scale of the map is 1cm to 2km can statement or 1:200,000 in rf calculate the map distance

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  5. You are the best student in the world

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  6. No it in correct
    1/200 = CChG4GFMl0M has been in writing since last week in a series that mam has been trying for boys to get over the past few months and has never been a raha and has been in her box since her box 8AM was on tare and the first time he was on her way to me in the middle of a conversation about these issues with her box and her box in writing and I was just wondering what is 8AM like for boys and boys and how 8th what is in her mind when class end of

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