History- Vietnam war

I have a debate coming up, and I got the worst side and topic possible.

I need to debate that the Vietnam War was not an example of Imperialism. I've learned the definition of Imperialism, and I have also gone through the arduous task of learning the history of the Vietnam war. Right now it seems as if the Vietnam WAS an example of American Imperialism, but I need help how its not. Help will be greatly appreciated!!

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asked by Jose
  1. Let's look at the facts.

    The Cold War was in full force. The American rhetoric portrayed an evil Communist-dominated world unless SOMEONE did something about it. South Vietnam pleaded for our help to defend it in its civil war against the Communist North Vietnam.

    The fear of communism was the motivating factor in our involvement in this civil war -- not our imperialism.

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  2. Thanks for the help guys, I think what threw me off was the definition of Imperialism, I interpreted it as any spreading of ideals and values into another nation. Thanks once again!

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    posted by Jose
  3. I disagree with your conclusion that it was imperialism.
    What if the following occured: Fxxxxxxxx Rubber had rubber plantations in SV, and was worried that liberation folks wanted to turn the South into a communist land and take those rubber plantations away from Fxxxxxxx Rubber. Thence Fxxxxxxxx Rubber asked a Senator to intervene with the President on their behalf to send advisors to the south to train the S military, then a corrupt, useless organization.
    From there, when it was obvious the NV were behind the liberation, the new President decided to take a stand against that "aggression" and assist the SV even more. Then Russian and China decided to assist the NV to counter the US assistance. Then it snowballed to brinkmanship. How can this be imperialism?
    As bad as the politics and decisions were, and the lack of national interest the US really had (Fxxxxxxxx Rubber does not represent the total national interest), and the corruption and ineptness in the SV government, I don't see imperialism being a factor.
    PS: I did not enjoy being in Vietnam.

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