entrepreneurship 1

If you would be an entrepreneur what business would u like to own?

what would be some concepts or what you would do. i'm trying to create a company but i don't know what i should do
whether cleaning service, construction service etc, so i'm wondering what you would do??

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  1. This is all about you and not about me. I'm retired but if I were younger, I would have started a business in chemical analysis and consulting (since I'm a chemist). Those services were not available in the town where I lived but two things kept me away from that. One was the start up costs (lots of money for equipment) and salesmanship (I didn't want to get out and pound the streets). Perhaps this will give you some ideas to write about.

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  2. YES! thank you

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  3. It depends on your future benefits that you want to earn after incorporation. There are several small scale business that need less money to start and give big profits after few years of its inception. You need to identify the demand of your target customers and how you will address their problem. I will suggest you to start cleaning service as it has big scope and less competition than construction service.

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