i was not taught in my science class any of this, probably a review over 6th grade science, because i learned these in 6th grade.(im in 7th grade now)

identifying Errors
read the following paragraph and then answer the questions.

andrew arrived at school and went directly to his earth science class. He took off his cap and coat and sat down at his desk. his teacher gave him a large rock and andrew got a hammer from the supply cabinet and hit the rock several times until he broke off a chip small enough to work with. he partly filled a graduated cylinder with water and suspended the rock in the water. The water level rose 2 cm. Andrew committed this measurement to memory. He next weighed the rock on a balance. the rock weighed 4 oz. andrew then calculated the density of the rock as follows: he divided 2 cm by 4 oz. he then reported to his teacher that the density of the rock was .5 cm/ oz.

1. what safety rule(s) did Andrew break?
answer: andrew got something from the supply cabinets and didn't ask for permission. he also did not have protective equipment when experimenting.
2. what mistake did Andrew make using measurement units?
no answer for this i dunno what mistake he did using measurement units because i know nothing of measurement units, i mean i learned that in 6th grade science and now i'm in 7th grade so i have forgotten. so, tell me how you're suppose to properly use measurement units or find them, tanks.
3. what should andrew have done with his data rather than commit them to memory?
answer (im guessing, so please confirm): andrew should have done with his data was record the data
4. what is wrong with the statement, "he next weighed the rock on a balance"?
not sure about this because i either forgotten about this or don't know about this, i think the statement should be that he weighed the rock on a scale and not a balance and (insert reasons here), right ?
5. why is "4 oz" an inappropriate measurement in a science experiment?
4 oz is an inappropriate measurement because (insert reasons here)or explain this to me so i understand also for the previous questions, tanks.
6. what mistake did andrew make in calculating density?
the mistake andrew did was (insert reasons here) i think i have an idea to this floating around in my brain, for now i want to see what you tutors have in stock for me, tanks.
i also have 2 more confusing SCIENCE! worksheets, so i will be posting 2 more questions, tank you very much tutors ! also, if i have made any mistakes please point them out and tell me to fix them.

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  1. 1. - Did the rock chip hit him in the eye?

    2. what mistake did Andrew make using measurement units?
    for density he needs VOLUME, not distance.
    He measured centimeters. He needs centimeters CUBED or cm^3 or cc

    3. yes, write it in your lab notebook !

    4. I think he determined the mass of the rock on a balance scale. The mass should be in Kg or Grams not oz. If he measured weight it should be in Newtons.

    5. We use metric units mass in Kg or grams, volume in cm^3 or m^3
    4 oz is a Force, not a mass and it is in non-scientific units

    6. He should have divided the MASS in grams or Kg
    by the VOLUME in cm^3 or m^3

    The way he did it, he did nothing of any earthly use.

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  2. tank you very much and if i have more questions that arise, please answer damon ? tanks !!!!!

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  3. so for #6, what was the mistake ? and tank you for informing me on finding the density, damon !

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  4. nevermind, i got the answer for #6, tank you very much !

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  5. 21

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