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can anyone help me I'm working on this final presentation and i have to do a powerpoint presentation but i am undecided on what i shoul include in in i'm currently workin on bringing a new business like a bank to the digifast suite what can i tell the employees how this business will benefit them and the suite

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asked by lyn
  1. How do YOU think this new business will benefit the employees and the suite?

    If you post your ideas, we'll be glad to comment on them and add to them if necessary.

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  2. Think about
    * prestigious company
    * good benefits
    * flexible hours
    * concerned and responsible management

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  3. well i thought that the digifast employees the new services that I'm trying to bring is a bank. This service will benefit the employee of the suite, by keeping them from having to go across town to get to one. During lunch time an employee might want to drive across town to cash their check, but with this service being in the suite this gives the employee time to sit down and may be chat with some of the other employees for a sip of cappuccino just because they have the extra time and don't have to rush.

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    posted by lyn

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