2 organisms, AABBCCDDEE and aabbccddee are mated to produce an F1 that is self fertilized. If the capitol letters are dominant, independantly assorting alleles:
A) how many different genotypes will occur in the F2?
B)what portion of the F2 genotypes will be recessive for all five loci?

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  1. check my thinking.

    Parent one is homozygous in dominant, and parent two is homozygous in recessive. Therefore F1 cannot be anything but heterozygous.( AaBbCcDdEe), one genotype.
    Now in F2, each parent will contribute either dominant or recessive, so there are three types in each gene locus (for instance AA, Aa, or aa. Given this there must be a total of 15 types (3types per locus, 5 loci). What portion is recessive for all five? recessive (ie, aa) in each loci is a 1/4 probability, so ...(1/4)^5 seems to be the probability it occurs at 5 loci. Check my thinking, population genetics is not my area of expertise.

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