25. A customer who purchases a Super Pack Unlimited indoor/outdoor pass most likely chose this option because he:
A. likes to take repeated rides on the go-karts and bumper cars.
B. has small children who want to play all day in the Fun Center.
C. wants to save money on the pizza buffet
D. plans on spending his time in the game room and at the batting cages.

Asepsis, 766-793
Medical, 766-781
Cleaning in, 767
Client education in, 780
Control of infection transmission and, 768-769
Disinfection and sterilization in, 767-768
Hand hygiene in, 769-770
Isolation precautions and, 774-776
Personal protective equipment and, 779-780
Surgical, 782-793
Applying sterile gloves in, 786
Client preparation in, 782
Donning and removing cap, masks, and gowns in, 787-790
Preparing sterile field in, 791-93
Surgical scrub in, 784-785
Surgical handwashing guidelines vary regarding the amount of time needed and the antiseptic that should be used for the scrub.

26. Which of the following pages or page ranges most likely contains the sentence above?
A. 784-785
B. 782
C. 767
D. 769-770

27. Newton’s opus, Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, dramatically altered understanding of the physical world.

Italics are used in the sentence above to indicate a:
A. Nonessential clause
B. Scientific name
C. Title
D. Point of emphasis

28. On average, each American generates 4 ½ pounds of solid waste per day.
Which of the following dictionary definitions is appropriate for “waste” as used in the sentence above?
A. To cause to shrink in physical bulk or strength
B. A sparsely settled or barren region
C.To spend or expend futilely
D.Refuse from places of human or animal habitation.

I thank the correct answers are:
26A, 27C, 28D

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  1. 28 - correct

    27 - what italics?

    26 - correct

    25 - ??

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  2. #28 is C

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