OneMoreTime: S.S.

Sorryy, but we just started talkin bout this todayy in class, ... How did the wayy of life in the Industrial Age impact the population size??
(e.x. method of food production)
once again SORRYYY!

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asked by Kristin;
  1. Check this site.

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  2. One interesting issue to me (science) was the problem of pollution of drinking water due to sewage. Folks needed both, but crowding into cities with both sewage pits and wells didn't mix well. As a result, sewage piping (carrying the sewage to a river) developed, finally leading to central water systems, and sewage treatment plants.

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  3. thanks so much to both of you i finally finished my Homework!(:

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    posted by Kristin;
  4. You're very welcome. Yay! Your homework is finished for tonight. Please come back again.

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  5. ha(: thank god! it was hardd;

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    posted by Kristin;

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