what is the tone in the poem "Home for the Aged" by Elizabeth Brewster? NEED HELP

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  1. The old men sit, five of them on a bench,
    Half sleeping, half awake, dazed by the sun,
    In the muted afternoon, between one broadcast ball game and the next
    Their thoughts are leaves that drift across a sky perpetually autumn.
    Their hand are folded: they have done with the Sunday papers.

    Decorously shabby, decently combed and clean,
    They watch with half-closed eyes the passers-by,
    The loitering lovers, the boys on bikes, the cars
    Rushing eagerly to some scene of active life.

    Their lives are folded up like the papers, and who can know
    Whether their years passed sober and discreet,
    With the measured, dutiful, regular click of a clock,
    Or whether some old violence lingers still
    In faded headlines on their dusty brains?
    What boyhood do they wander in, what middle age forget?
    And do they watch their dwindling stock of time
    With hope, or resignation, or despair?

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  2. What do you think the tone is? I don't think your teacher wants to have MY opinion, yours is requested. If their lives are folded like the newspaper...and they watch their dwindling stock of time... What tone does that suggest?

    And, please, tell us the name of the work and the author, as you did here but not in your earlier post so we can help you better.

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  3. If you aren't clear on what tone is, as a literary term, study this webpage -- both the definition and the examples:

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