Fuente ovejuna play

Hello, I need to do a short essay on Esteban and his social standings in Fuente Ovejuna. I know I need to put how he protects his daughter, but what else, thanks

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asked by bodes
  1. Assuming you are writing this in Spanish, after you finish, I'll be glad to proofread it for you. When you say "what else?" I'm not sure what you want other than Esteban, his standing socially and Laurencia. How can I help you BEFORE you write it?

    Be sure to concentrate on Act II and note what Esteban has to say about protecting virtue and honor. Honor is always a main theme. In the conversations between Esteban and the Comendador you can see that the alcalde is somewhat subservient to the Comendador.

    We know what kind of man the Comendador = see around line 385, when he mentiones Pascuala, Olalla, InΓ©s, Jacinta.

    In The Third Act, around lines 65, etc. What, really, can Esteban do to protect his daughter when she is dragged away during the wedding? She may not be happy with her father toward the end, but it is he that comes up with "Lo hizo Fuente Ovejuna," the line that all use.

    Indeed, the ENTIRE town did it, Esteban with the men, Laurencia with the women. It's only fair that the king pardons them al!


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    posted by SraJMcGin

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