English Grammar - Clauses

The following sentence contains _____.

We like him as much as them.

an adjective clause
a noun clause
an elliptical clause
no subordinate clause

I think "as much as them" is an adverb clause but since it's not an option, I'd choose "no subordinate clause."
Thank you!

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  1. As written, "as much as them" is not a clause.
    Clauses have subjects and verbs in them, and this phrase does not.

    Are you supposed to supply the implied words there to make it a clause??

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  2. No, I'm not supposed to supply any implied words. I guess the fourth option is the one I should choose.

    How does this phrase not have subjects and verbs? Sorry if this is a silly question,

    Thank you for your help!

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  3. "as much as them"

    #1 - The pronoun in there (them) is in the object case, so it could never be a subject.

    #2 - There is no verb among those words.



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  4. iehnaw

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