How many grams of NaCl are present in 1.5L of a 0.25M NaCl solution?

asked by Telimm
  1. How many mols do you have? That's mols = M x L = ?
    Then mols = grams/molar mass. You know molar mass and mols, solve for grams.

    posted by DrBob222
  2. Mass of NaCl=?
    Volume of solution=1.5litres
    Molarity of solution=1.25M
    To get the mass of NaCl,we need to find the mole.The relationship between molarity,volume and mole is given as: Molarity(M)=mole(n)/volume(v).
    Making the unknown,mole, as subject of the formular;n=M X v
    n=0.25 X 1.5 =0.375
    But mass = molar mass X mole
    molar mass of NaCl(23+35.5)=58.5
    mole = 0.375
    mass =58.5 X 0.375 =21.94g

    posted by Atamhen Kester

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