10. In "The Lottery," Jackson employs several stock characters, including a town leader, law-abiding citizens, and strong father figure. How does she use the stock characters instead of more complex characters to develop the theme that normal people are capable of dangerous acts?
A. The stock characters allowed Jackson to use parallel plots
B. The stock characters develop and grow throughout the story
C. The stock characters are representative of any person in any town
D. To stock characters use informal language to emphasize the theme

I think it might be b. but I'm not sure.....

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  1. How do the town leader, law-abiding citizens, and the strong father figure grow (and change) during the story?


  2. Is it C?

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  3. Right

  4. Thanks!

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  5. Can you help me with another question?

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  6. I can try.

  7. Which of the following would NOT always require a citation in a research paper?

    a. Info from a website
    b. Info from common knowledge
    c. Info from personal interview
    d. Info from a television program

    I choose b , but I'm afraid it's not the correct answer.

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  8. B is correct.

    All the others include info from sources other than your own knowledge.

  9. Thanks so much!

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  10. You're welcome!

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