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Compare and Contrast Discuss President George H.W. Bush’s foreign policy by comparing and contrasting his decisions regarding three of the following countries: China, Kuwait, Panama, Somalia, South Africa, and Yugoslavia. Explain why you think that he made the decisions that he made.

Answer needs to be 3-5 sentences. Can you help me put this together? I've been stuck on this for an hour. I understand the question, I just don't know what to answer.

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  1. I don't know how you can do this assignment in 3 - 5 sentences, but I think you can find the information you need by perusing some of these articles:

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  2. There isn't "the answer." This is one of those where you need to critically assess the facts you get from your book (and other sources, like class notes) and discuss them intelligently.

    The question means:

    1. Pick 3 of the following countries: China, Kuwait, Panama, Somalia, South Africa, and Yugoslavia.

    2. President George H. W. Bush made foreign policy decisions regarding each of those 3 countries. Compare and contrast those decisions.

    3. Discuss the way that President George H. W. Bush's foreign policy decisions regarding each of those 3 countries help us to understand his foreign policy in general.

    Constrained by 3-5 sentences, you will NOT have simple short sentences.

    so I did a google search on HW Bush policy chine...

    Pick two other countries, and do what is suggested above: Common Threads.

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