Language Arts

Directions: Add the correct puntuation mark to the end of the sentence.Then tell whether the sentenceis a DECARATIVE,INTERROGATIVE,IMPERATIVE, or EXCLAMATORY.
(1)intolerance usually results from a lack of information_________________.
(2)do you feel uncomfortable,for example, around a person with a disability____________________.
(3)don't let this feeling make you ignore the person________________.
(4)A good friend may be right on front of you_________________.
(5)Make the effort to find out more about this peson______________.

PS.please try to find the anwers.

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  1. Please check the definitions and examples of those four kinds of sentences. Then try to answer them yourself.

    We'll be glad to check your answers.

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    As Ms. Sue has written, once you come up with your answers, let us know and someone here will check them for you.

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    posted by guadalupe

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