8th grade math.

He ripped a piece of paper into three parts, and tore each of those parts into three more parts. if he repeated this action 12 times, how many pieces of paper would he have?

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asked by sam
  1. Put this into the Google search window:


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  2. i think that the answer is 3^12=531441

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  3. 2*2

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    posted by mena
  4. i think it is 3*12

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    posted by mena
  5. i need help with dividing negative numbers. for example :what is -2/-4.

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    posted by lexi
  6. Can someone please tell me the step-by-step answer to a+6a-9=30

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    posted by unlikely
  7. a + 6a = 7a
    7a - 9 = 30
    add 9 on both sides
    isolate the a by dividing by 7

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    posted by rajaj
  8. When the expression 3 to the 444 power + 4 to the 333 power is written as an integer, what is the unit digit?

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    posted by Betty

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