English help please :)

the word forte has been borrowed from the french word fort, meaning "strong". in which sentence is the word forte used correctly?

a)It is not in your best interests to have a particular forte.**
b)Writing is my forte.
c)My history teacher has no forte in past events.
d)His lack of forte toward others is apparent.

what is the participle phrase int he sentence? Quickly grabbing my lunch, I raced out the door to the bus.
a)grabbing my lunch**
b)I raced
c)out the door
d)to the bus

Danielle reached into her bag. She was looking for her wallet.

Which sentence best combines the two sentences using a participial phrase?

a)Looking for her wallet, Danielle reached into her bag**
b)Danielle looking for her wallet reached into her bag
c)Danielle who was looking for her wallet, reached, into her bag
d)Danielle reached into her bag to find her wallet.

What is the infinitive phrase in this sentence? To revise your writing carefully will improve your presentation and provide you with success.
a)To revise you writing carefully**
b)Will improve
c)Your presentation
d)And provide you with success

Matt hiked the trail yesterday. It made him tired. Which sentence combines the two sentences using a gerund phrase?
a)Hiking the trail yesterday made Matt tired**
b)Matt hiked the trail it made him tired
c)It made Matt tired to him the trail yesterday
d)Matt was tired after hiking the trail yesterday

Please check my answers, i think they are correct, but i am not sure.

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  1. @Writeacher or @Reed could you help me? Thanks in advance

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  2. 1. No
    The others are correct.

  3. I am pretty sure the answer is "Writing nonfiction is my forte" As for the other ones I am not sure yet so I can come back some of mine are the same so idk.

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