Two planes leave the same airport at the same time. one flies 20 degrees east of north at 500 mph. the second flies 30 degrees east of south at 600 mph. how far apart are the planes after 2 hours?

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  1. I have a triangle with sides 1000 and 1200 with an angle of 130° between them.
    Clearly a cosine law problem

    d^2 = 1000^2 + 1200^2 - 2(1000)(1200) cos 130°
    = ...
    d = √...

    let me know what you get.

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  2. SO this problem is a cosine law problem?

    And if i did the problem right...

    It should be 7276.412812...

    I changed the degree (130 degrees) to radians

    If i should not change the degree to radians... it should be 1822.498064...

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