Sulfur dioxide reacts with chlorine to produce thionyl chloride and dichlorine oxide
S: 32.0 amu O: 16.0 amu Cl: 35.45 amu
SO2 + 2Cl2 --> SOCl2 + Cl2O
If 0.400 moles of chlorine gas reacts excess sulfur dioxide, how many moles of dichlorine oxide are forme?

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  1. In the balanced chemical reaction,
    SO2 + 2 Cl2 ---> SOCl2 + Cl2O

    We make a mole ratio of the species involved, which is Cl2O : Cl2. That is, for every 2 moles of Cl2 reacted, 1 mole of Cl2O is produced, or
    1 mol Cl2O / 2 mol Cl2

    We are given 0.400 moles of Cl2, and it was said that it reacted to excess SO2, which means Cl2 is limiting.

    Therefore, to get moles of Cl2O, we multiply them so that their units cancel:
    0.400 mole Cl2 * 1 mol Cl2O / 2 mol Cl2 = 0.200 mol Cl2O

    You should try doing other problems you posted using this method.
    Hope this helps~ `u`

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