3.392 g of unknown oxalate product is titrated with 0.201 M KMnO4. The initial burette reading is 11.23 mL, and the final burette reading is 46.88 mL. How many moles of MnO4- were added?

Once again any helpwould be greatly appreciated.

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asked by George
  1. The balanced chemical equation is:
    2MnO4^-(aq) + 16H^+(aq) + 5C2O4^-2 ---> 2Mn^+2 + 8H2O + 10CO2
    46.88mL - 11.23mL = 35.65mL MnO4- solution
    β€’Moles of MnO4^- = (0.03565L)(0.201mol/L)

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    posted by GK

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