What are the 5 signs that show a chemical change has taken place?

I wrote:
- theres a smell of ordur
- change in color
- fizzing or bubbling
- percipitate forms
- difficult to reverse

Could you name a couple more please and tell me if those are right. Thank you.

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asked by Lena
  1. I would add to that when a new chemical compound has been formed.

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  2. Thank you so much :)

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    posted by Lena
  3. Form new substance (new structure)
    Liberate energy
    Form new molecules
    Change bonding

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    posted by William
  4. Thanks You :)

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    posted by Lena
  5. I wrote:
    - theres a smell of ordur odor
    - change in color
    - fizzing or bubbling
    - percipitate forms precipitate
    - difficult to reverse

    I think the last one doesn't fit.

    Temperature change is another way to tell a chemical rxn has took place.

    I also corrected some spelling errors above.

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  6. Energy could be in the form of
    a) heat
    b) light

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