1. When taking notes from your sources, you should also ________.

A. revise your research question
B. write the information needed for your works cited list
C. format your paper and works cited list
D. find a topic for your research paper

2. Academic writing involves which of the following?

A. writing in third person
B. being subjective
C. plagiarizing others' ideas
D. summarizing rather than analyzing

3. A thesis statement provides direction for an essay. Which of the following provides direction for a research paper?

A. subject encyclopedias
B. a works cited list
C. a source overview
D. a research question

I believe it is B, B, and D?

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  1. I agree.

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  2. I disagree with your choice for 2.

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  3. Oh, my, yes! B is wrong for 2. I misread the question. Sorry.

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