Social Studies

1. Nearly every village in mexico has a church and a market. The city's public square where the market is held is called a
a. quatro
b. plaza
c. casa.
d. squatter.**

2. To what country does Mexico export the most goods?
a. Germany
b. Canada
c. Guatemala
d. United States**

3. All of the following are true about Mexico City except
a. it faces traffic problems
b. it has pollution
c. it has water shortages
d. 200,000 people live here**

4. A reason why many people move from small villages to Mexico City is to
a. work as migrant workers
b. become squatters
c. reduce their commute to work
d. earn more money**

5. In a typical rural in Mexico, you might expect to find that most people living on farms get their food by
a. growing their own**
b. buying what they need in large supermarkets
c. buying what they need in small markets.
d. gathering nuts and wild berries.

asked by Amanda
  1. #1 is incorrect. Look up those words here:

    The rest are correct.

    posted by Writeacher
  2. Thank you writeteacher

    posted by Amanda
  3. You're welcome. Let us know what you decide about #1. =)

    posted by Writeacher
  4. Writeacher I love you. will you marry me

    posted by Ms.Sue
  5. Whoa crazy! =O Dang desperate lol! XD

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    posted by WTH
  8. Number one is plaza if anyone else is wondering

    posted by Crack head
  9. thx

    posted by Nathan
  10. Correct answers-

    1. B
    2. D
    3. D
    4. D
    5. A

    These are the correct answers, you will get 100% on the quick check if your in conexus

    posted by ProbsNotInCCA
  11. Thanks ProbsNotInCCa!!
    You helped me a lot!! Got a 100%

    posted by Anonymous
  12. thanks everybody

    posted by Xxoreo_~chan_xX
  13. probsnotincca is right i got a 100%

    posted by Rebbeca
  14. huehuehue

    posted by Turtle
  15. Thx probs I got a 100

    posted by Hi
  16. Sure!i love u too

    posted by Writeacher
  17. 100 thanks

    posted by vincent
  18. tf i thought this was social studies not sex school

    posted by annnonomous
  19. Ha

    posted by Mrs,sue
  20. Thx you! Btw, Clearly, it's not Mrs, Sue. They said anyone can hack it so, there you go. Mrs, Sue would help us with SCHOOL work. Not do something as immature, and lowlife as this disrespectful person has done. Don't try it again "Mrs, Sue" -_-

    posted by Katelyn
  21. fake sue and writeacher.

    posted by foxy the pirate fox
  22. Who suffered the most from the crowding in the city? the people already living in the city; the people still living in the country; the new arrivals from the country; government officials

    posted by James
  23. These are right. Just got 100%

    posted by Connexus student
  24. depending on the assesment
    these are for Lesson 1: Mexico: Moving to the City Connections Education
    Modern World Studies B Unit 4: Focus on Countries: Latin America

    c b d

    posted by aswd at connexus
  25. B

    posted by Grace
    JK I don't condone cheating but i cant do anything.

    posted by Mrs.Sue
  27. Grace is 100% correct

    posted by Jezziedut
  28. @Mrs.Sue stop being a hypocrite, you get answers too. I didn't say cheating because it's not called cheating, it's called checking your answers, because jiskha is a homework help website, helping kids with their work, and you can't do anything about it.

    posted by Cereal.... is life. -Life Cereal
  29. lol that's not the real Mrs. sue

    posted by Pizza
  30. And yeah
    1. B
    2. D
    3. D
    4. D
    5. A
    Is correct

    posted by Pizza

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