final project

Hi I'm working on a final project and wanted to know if I coded it right

Well a 45 yr old woman goes in for a headache. Undetermined why. I put code 99202 for np ov. Then returns for ov a week later hot compresses worked but is swelling exam shows subcutaneous nodule. I put 99212. Returns 2 weeks later for reexam. A decision is made for excise the benign lesion. Scalp cyst 1.5 cm removal with six black 000 silk sutures. I put code 11422LT. Returns a week later for suture removal. I put 99212. And a week later a final check up. I put 99212. And the diagnosis code I put Is 784.2

asked by jackie
  1. There are no tutors here who have expertise in this subject area.

    Please use your textbook, study materials, and a good search engine or two to find your answers.

    1. Go to or

    2. Type in cpt codes (or whatever search terms you need). Press Enter.

    3. Read different search results until you find what you need.

    4. Re-search with different search terms if you don't find all you need.

    posted by Writeacher

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