I'm going to buy a Bunsen burner to be used with a propane tank. Is it very important to get a propane burner or does the natural gas one do the same thing? Any advice on what type of burner to get? I'll be working on distilling alcohol and steam distillation of (legal) herbs.

I'm also wondering what the best way to attach the burner to the tank might be.

Thanks from Sheryl

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asked by Sheryl
  1. Attach the burner to a regulator only. These propane regulators are available at any sports or camping shop. The difference between natural gas and propane burners is the air mixture adjustment at the base.

    The type and size of the burner is dependent on the btu rate needed. I expect you need a Fisher burner, not bunsen.

    Disillation of alcohol is safest using an electric heater. Herbs? You are asking for prison if they are illegal.

  2. I have lyme disease and antibiotics are of limited use for many of us. My M.D. is prescribing herbs (as are the doctors in many cases at the lyme clinic) which are very expensive. I want to try to brew up my own, especially tinctures, and will probably end up using water and Everclear. The burner might not be necessary.

    Thanks for the help. I am completely legal.


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    posted by Sheryl

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