Please check my answers?

Letter of Recommendation
Mary O'Dell

PLTW Program
Willow High School
1400 Old Tamah Road
Irmo, SC 29067

April 11, 2007

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Mr. Chris Moses

To Whom It May Concern:

Chris studied under my supervision as a student during his sophomore, junior and senior years at Dutch Fork High School. His responsibilities included designing and constructing both architectural and mechanical models, producing drawings using both computer software and traditional methods, in addition to some teamwork activities. During the course of his studies, Chris proved himself to be an able student, a hard worker, and a talented designer.

I was quite impressed by Chris's ability to complete all work assigned to him on time, if not before it was due. His research was always thorough, and his details always accurate. I sometimes allow my students to do some special projects, but Chris’s talents prompted me to assign him more activities than the norm. He worked diligently on several special projects for special needs students at this school. His drawings and project proposals are always clear and concise.

Overall, Chris is a very conscientious and able person. I certainly believe he has what it takes to make an outstanding engineering student. I strongly recommend Chris for any endeavors that he would pursue.


Sondra M. Suarez

Instructor: CAD, Principles of Engineering, Civil Engineering and Architecture

ho is the speaker of this passage?
A)Mary O'Dell
B)Chris Moses
C)Sondra M. Suarez
D)Dutch Fork High School

Is it A) Mary O'Dell or it could be C)Sondra M. Saurez.

asked by Q
  1. Who signed the letter? To whom is it addressed? Who wrote it?

    posted by Reed
  2. Which one wrote this letter?

    posted by Ms. Sue
  3. Sondra did...

    posted by Hannah
  4. Thanks?

    posted by Q
  5. Q/Hannah -- please use the same name for your posts.

    posted by Ms. Sue

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