what does this mean???

Students must make a choice concerning their daily practices that will reduce the amount of energy that is consumed in their practice. This must be clearly illustrated using fotor, including the choice made, types of energy conserved, approximate amount of energy conserved, and how they are going to implement their choice. Keep in mind all of the requirements of the project when making your choice, as well as what you have learned in class about energy and its uses. Students should strive to come up with ideas that are unique to their lifestyles and more in depth than just turning off the lights.

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  1. i was thinking about jars, and ways that you could recycle jars and the amount of energy used to make and create them, so why not just recycle them. does this answer the requirements or should i use a different approach

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  2. or how about...
    clearly illustrated using fotor: instead of jars illustrate appliance being unplugged

    the choice made: "unplug"

    types of energy conserved: energy saving; light

    approximate amount of energy conserved:
    even when their not being used they use about 75 or 100 watt light bulb running continuously.

    and how they are going to implement their choice:may save around $10 every month

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