At middle Avenue school,1/30 of students are on the track team. Of the track coach offered to buy pizza or subs for everyone 3/5 ordered pizza. What fraction of the students at middle Avenue school ate pizza?
1/30 divided by 3/5,1/30x5/3=5/90=1/18

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  1. (1/30) * (3/5) = 3/150 = 1/50

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Which one would be the the correct answer...
    /30 - 3/5 = 85/150 ÷ 5/5 17/30 or
    1/30 ÷ 3/5 = 5/90 ÷ 5/5 = 1/18 or
    1/30 × 3/5 = 3/150 ÷ 3/3 = 1/50

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  3. The answer is 1/30 divided by 3/5, which is also 1/30 x 5/3, which equals 5/90. Divide by 5/5 to get the answer 1/18

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