1. Mailey mother brought her a pet hamster. She is keeping Montey, the hamster, in a box with a length of 8.3 in.,a width of 6in.,and a height of 5,25in. Mailey plans on covering Montey's box with contact paper. How many square inches of contact paper is needed to completely cover the box?
2. A, Max is making a cylindrical bird feeder out of flexible plastic. He will need to leave only the bottom of the cylinder open. The bird feeder will be 18.5 inches tall, and have a radius of 3.5 inches. How many full inches of flexible plastic doses max née do construct the bird feeder?
B. If the flexible plastic cost $0.12, how much money will max spend to construct the bird feeder?
3. PJ collected rain water Ina small barrel that was 3.5 feet tall and had a diameter of 2 feet. At the end of the week, the water levels was 6 inches from the top of the barrel. About how many cubic of rain water were in the barrel? (12 inches=1 foot)

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  1. Which of these problems don't you understand?

  2. All of them. These were the only 3 question that I did not get on my homework packet.

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  3. 1.
    2(8.3 * 6) + 2(8.3 * 5.25) + 2(6 * 5.25) = _______ sq. in.

    2. A

    2. B Multiply the surface area by $0.12


  4. I still don't get #3

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  5. And do I have to find the lateral surface area of the cylinder on number 2 or the total surface area

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