islamic studies

In matters of fiqh, if one is faced between 2 choices:

a. a stronger opinion based on Quran & Sunnah but if it turns out in reality to be wrong, one might commit a sin or make certain ibadah invalid,etc

b. a weaker opinion but a safer option

Which option should one adopt and why.

As an example. Say from one’s thorough research he finds that the strongest opinion is touching one’s private parts without desire does not invalidate wudhu.
However a safer opinon is that it invalidates wudhu(though it is more inconvenient). If the opinion is actually wrong,there is no harm in taking extra wudhu.
However with the former opinion, though seems a stronger one, if it is wrong, one might be praying without wudhu i.e if one does not renew the wudhu.
So in this case should one adopt the stronger opinion or the less strong opinion but a safer one

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  1. Isn't this a matter of opinion? I see on cable TV lots of folks each night who seem to know the mind of God, and how to become pure of heart.

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