Social Studies

1. Why did Japan need to rebuild its economy following World War II?
because bombing had destroyed almost all of the country’s industry
because Japan had a new democratic government
because Japan wanted to switch to an agriculturally based economy
because Japan had been taken over by Korea and needed to adapt its economy

2. Which of the following is a cultural exchange that the people of Japan have taken part in?
Japanese martial arts have become popular around the world.
Japanese government-style has been adapted by many other nations.
The Shinto religion is popular around the world.
Japanese movies are seen throughout the world.

3. Which of the following caused a severe economic crisis in Japan during the 1990s?
Taxes were raised too high.
Bad bank practices caused a recession.
Too many workers went on strike.
Trade embargos increased.

4. Trade between Japan and South Korea is based on
comparative advantage.

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  1. Someone here will be happy to check YOUR answers.

  2. these are the answers i got so far.
    1. A
    2. A
    3. D
    4. B

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  3. 3 is wrong. The others are right.

  4. ok thank you very much

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  5. i am jarrod

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  6. You're welcome, Jarrod.

  7. These are test questions that should not be posted. Please remove post!

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  8. well if their test questions then why are you googling the questions?

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