A group of people planned to contribute equally towards a water project which needed Ksh 200,000 to complete, however, 40 members of the group without from the project. As a result, each of the remaining members was to contribute Kshs 2,500.
(a) Find the origina number of members in the group.
(b) Forty five percent of the value project was funded by Constituency Development Fund (CDF). Calculate the amount of contribution that would be made by eacg of the remaining members of the group.
(c) Members’s contributions were in terms of labour provided and money contributed. If the ratio of the value of labour to the money contributed was 6:19; calculate the total amount of money contributed by the members.

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  1. 200000/2500 = 80
    So, there were 120 to start with

    How far do you get on the rest?

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  2. Ilunishinda

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