language arts

Read the following passage from the Odyssey:
“There’s our sign!
I know not more. Could someone else’s hand
have sawn that trunk and dragged the frame away?”
Their secret! as she heard it told, her knees
grew tremulous and weak, her heart failed her.
With eyes brimming tears she ran to him,
throwing her arms around his neck and kissed him,
From this passage, the reader is most likely to determine that Penelope

A)is grateful that her husband has returned.
B)has not determined if the stranger is her husband.
C)is upset over news about her husband.
D)has not decided if she wants to remain married to her husband.

What is the effect of the epic simile in lines 118–131 of the Odyssey, Part 2?Now, being a man, I could not help consenting.
So I went down to the sea beach and the ship,
where I found all my other men on board, 120
weeping, in despair along the benches.
Sometimes in farmyards when the cows return
well-fed from pasture to the barn, one sees
the pens give way before the calves in tumult,
breaking through to cluster about their mothers, 125
bumping together, bawling. Just that way
my crew poured round me when they saw me come—
their faces wet with tears as if they saw
their homeland, and the crags of Ithaca,
even the very town where they were born.
A)to compare Odysseus's men to beasts
B)to criticize Odysseus's men's lack of loyalty
C)to reveal Odysseus's hurry to go back and free his men
D)to show how Odysseus's men depended on him


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  1. In #1, I think "grateful" is not quite the right emotion ... more like OVERJOYED!! But yes, A is the only choice here that makes sense.

    And in #2, I think "depended" is also a poor choice of words, but I guess it'll do! Yes, D.

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  2. Thank you

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  3. You're welcome.

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