IT 210 Pseudocode (Help needed ASAP)

I was wondering if anyone would be able to help me with the following pseudocode so that it looks good to turn in. Any changes would be helpful.

Completing Homework
Main Module
Declare FindReading As Real
Declare ReadReading AS Real
Declare CompleteAssignment As Real
Declare Pages as Integer
Declare outputPrompt As Real

Get user input
Find assigned reading
Read reading
Complete assignment

End Main Module

Input Data Module
Write "What is the reading for the week?"
Input reading

Write "How many pages is the reading?"
Input pages

Write "How long did it take to complete the reading?"
Input hours, minutes

Write "How long did it take to complete the assignment?"
Input hours, minutes

End Input Data Module

Find Total Hours Module
Declare hours as real
Declare minutes as real

Hours = 1*hours
Minutes = 60/minutes
TotalHours = hours + minutes

That is as far as I have gotten and I need to know if what I have is correct or are there things that I should had added or taken away.

Thanks for the help.

asked by Jen
  1. I believe you would have to convert the hours to minutes than add the two:
    Input Reading Time Hours
    Input Readig Time Minutes
    Input Assignment Time Hours
    Input Assignment Time Minutes
    ReadingTime = (hours * 60) + minutes
    AssignmentTime = (hours * 60) + minutes
    Total Time = (ReadingTime + AssignmentTime)

    posted by Nick

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